10th August to 10th September 2010

This Edinburgh Arts Festival exhibition will turn any Edinburgh tram or Waverley line train sceptic into a born again evangelist. These may be the last publicly funded transport infrastructural projects for many years and they will have to do more than just get a few people from A to B to justify the expense.

A number of provocative proposals are showcased from a select group of Architecture BA (Hons) graduates under the curatorial direction of Oliver Chapman and Mark Cousins. Using drawings, models and images the exhibition looks at familiar places; the Picardy Place roundabout at the end of York Place in Edinburgh and the site of the new train station in Galashiels where the route of the tram and the train could make real improvements to the street layout and buildings

One Edinburgh submission derives from a matrix of connections which links the city’s diverse cultural institutions, whilst another proposal weaves together a disparate narrative of stories and characters. The work in Galashiels explores the idea of the station hotel – a neglected typology which deserves to be revived and could well provide a new social interchange for this Borders’ town.

‘Tram Spotting/Train Stopping’ is part-fact, part-fiction but will confound expectations and highlight a more creative engagement with a potentially better world.

Click here for the exhibition’s own website

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