Re:aligment | An exhibition by Richard Strachan

28th March – 17th June 2011 | Mondays to Fridays  9:00am to 5:30pm

This exhibition is the result of a Scottish Arts Council grant to explore the synthesis of traditional painterly practices and digital software programmes and have been realized in collaboration with Eastern Photographic. Strachan’s paintings have always included an element of computer-aided design but this new exhibition foregrounds digital technology’s role and documents the way in which digital processes can facilitate a responsive and expressive standpoint.

The architectural nature of the work roots the paintings in a dialogue between pattern + perspective. Self has been placed centrally in this debate through nebulous colour glazes, chance happenings and the physical appearance of the viewer in the high gloss finishes of the paintings.

As opposed to being a cold and empirical approach to painting the functionality of the advanced software interface provides a flexible and intuitive platform where a range of alternative interpretations of a single space can be considered. The artist can then investigate patterns between the construction lines of the compositions, generating motifs that converse with the role of the composition in describing perspective. The populist history of pattern + motif thus converge with the more emotive + instinctual moment of mark-making and experimental colour choice as part of the expressive personality of the work.

Concurrently the unique contribution of the computer is represented in terms native to it’s self (pixilation) whereby lines drawn from a perspective point fracture, create strobing patterns according to specific algorithms. Representing process as aesthetic in this way is a broadening of an enquiry which has in turn provided chance happenings and exciting possibilities for development,

The work echoes the way that the built environment is founded upon calculation and construction but is also the hub of our expressive interpretation. This dichotomy between seemingly opposing elements is at the heart of these paintings. The exhibition ‘Re:alignment’ represents a chaotic and unpredictable period of experimentation and re-appraisal that has been achieved by operating within and beyond exact parameters.


Strachan graduated from Gray’s School of Art (Aberdeen) in 2001 and currently teaches at the Edinburgh College of Art. He has been awarded grants from both the Welsh + Scottish Art’s Councils has exhibited nationally and was awarded the Aspect Prize in 2006. His paintings are often exhibited as academy submissions and he has been awarded prizes from the Scottish Society of Artists and professional membership of Paisley Arts Institute. Recent one-man shows include the Amber Room Gallery and Oriel Canfas. He enjoys a close relationship with the Red Door Gallery and showed work at Glasgow Art Fair with the Lost Gallery in 2010.

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