Inspiring talks for business and organisations to motivate teams that work on projects that affect the built environment.

Schop offers a menu of succinct and pithy presentations to inspire individuals involved in shaping the built environment. Presentations are generally at your place of work and usually scheduled over a lunch break but their brevity means that they can be slotted into the working day without much disruption. The talks are intended to provoke discussion. Select the series or choose from the list below:

  • Lifetime Homes – considers the needs of an aging population and how new standards will drive innovation and adaptability in the design of homes. Homes that Case studies include RIBA Award winning supported housing in Duns, Berwickshire as well as examples in the Netherlands.
  • Green Homes – an update on how designers are approaching the changing legislation and technological opportunities in this rapidly developing area. Case studies include a preview of the houses on site at Scotland’s Housing Expo in Inverness.
  • Better Places – how can we avoid making bland, charaterless places? how do we reach consensus when renewal is planned for communities? This talks looks at techniques used to analyse and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the shape of our built environment. Explaining emerging techniques such as the ‘design charrette’, we explain how consensus can be built.

Presentations are generally £95 + VAT each and includes the presenter’s travel expense within a 50mile radius of Edinburgh. Contact us for more information or telephone  0131 558 7979.

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